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What To Expect

Welcome to Life Challenge. What can you expect when you arrive?

The Welcome.

Upon arrival to Life Challenge, you will be greeted by our friendly greet-staff in the foyer. If it is your first-time joining us for service, they will ask you to fill out a completely voluntary information card so we can learn more about you! This will also guide our team in assisting you to find a class for you and your family! If you arrive a little earlier than the service time, that's great! Enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry in the Welcome area, learn more about our church & ask questions about anything you may have!

The Worship.

Our worship is impacting and engaging from the very beginning. We encourage you to take part in our worship services, and let God begin to bless you! Look for more information coming soon about the whys and how’s of our worship experiences!

The Family.

One of the toughest struggles in the current state of the world is raising a generation of adults, teens, and children, who have been identified by Jesus Christ. LC is with you every step of the way. From newborns all the way up to the adult level, there is something here for every one of your family members!

For Elementary & Students:

  • We provide your kids and students with relevant, age-appropriate teaching and guidance. One of our most important principles is not only hearing the truth & understanding, but applying it to their daily lives.
  • There are opportunities to interact with other students who face the same struggles and issues that they are going through. They also get to interact with adult student leaders with answers to some of the toughest issues facing kids and students today. (We are also very careful about who these adults are as well!)
  • For more information about a certain age group, class, teachers, or location, please visit the Kids/Students page!

For Adults:

  • Search For Truth - This 12 lesson in-depth study of the Bible begins with an introduction to the Bible. It describes the beginning of time and God's covenant with man, follows God's people through the wilderness and dividing and restoration of the nation; and then introduces the New Testament with Christ's New Covenant, the gospel, the history of the church, and concludes with the end time prophecy and the glorious future for the church!
  • New Life - Upon completion of the Search for Truth study, you may then graduate to learning more in-depth about your new walk with God. This class goes deeper into God's call for our lives, what we are placed on this earth for, and applying biblical principles to your everyday life.
  • Closer Look - Our Closer Look for adults dissects the Bible a piece at a time. This class makes your look inward, evaluates your own walk with God, and challenges you to strive for more. It also gives you the necessary tools to help you live for God and adds more for a foundation firmly rooted in God's Word.

The Experience.

From the first chord struck on the piano, to the last person left in the church seeking God for direction, our services are filled with live powerful worship! Hear intense messages that are Bible based and get the opportunity to help others & start making a difference!


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