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Date Night (pre-married)

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Getting married? Thinking about getting married? Then this class is for you! Get valuable insight about loving your spouse! This class will also help to develop skills to navigate your way through the lives ahead of you. Identify your differences, learn to live together! Most importantly, learn how placing God at the forefront of your marriage, is one of the surest ways to keep your future marriage "fireproof"! The curriculum and Bible-based methods have been proven over and over again.

The 411: Ministry: DATE NIGHT:: Meeting Time: TBA :: (Contact us for scheduled classes)

Date Night (marrieds)

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Anyone who says that their marriage is perfect is either lying, or, well...lying. Date Night is for married couples from young marrieds on up. Re-kindle the love, refuel the flame, and really remember, "why did I get married?" This class is an opportunity for meeting other couples who face or have faced the same things you have. Maybe your on the verge of divorce, maybe you just need your love-life back, or maybe you just need a night of "husband-wife" time to help strengthen your relationship. (Nursery/Daycare is not provided)

The 411: Ministry: DATE NIGHT :: Meeting Time: TBA :: (Contact us for scheduled classes)

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