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When you say your a part of "the revolution", it's not for the weak at heart. We want to influence a generation of students that live a revolution in their lives 365 days a year. Revolution 365 is LC's Jr. High & Sr. High Student Ministry. R3sixty5 work in conjunction with other ministries to teach relevant, impacting lessons that students can relate to in the 21st century. The Revolution also takes place on FRIDAY NIGHTS at 7:30PM at Life Challenge. This is yet another opportunity for students to come together in a positive envirnonment, hang out, and meet new friends! Your student will walk away every week with a challenge, that can be applied in their everyday lives.

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SUNDAY MORNING 411: Ministry: R3sixty5 :: Student Leaders: Youth Staff :: Meeting Time: Sundays, 10:00 am

FRIDAY NIGHT 411: Ministry: R3sixty5 :: Student Leaders: Youth & HYPHEN Staff :: Meeting Time: Sunday, 10:00 am & Friday 7:30 pm

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