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Welcome to A Community of Believers. It's what we're building on a day-to-day basis. With more and more churches offering the "same ol' thing", our prayer is that we break the norm when you step foot into one of our intense services. From the first chord struck on the piano to the last person left in the church seeking God for direction, our services are filled with worship, passion, love, and a challenge for greater things.

In Your Life.

We want to help you build a relationship with God and guide you in becoming who He has created you to be. No matter where you come from or what walk of life, we are here to help you figure out what the next step is. We have all wondered at one point in our lives, "...there has to be more to life..." Visit with us to assist you in getting started on your new journey with God!

In Your Community.

We are all a part of a community; locally, globally, and better yet, spiritually. As we build a community of believers, who stand unified, un-ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, we are also building a community outside of the four walls of a church. Numerous community outreach efforts are conducted on a monthly basis in order fulfill our mission as followers of Jesus Christ!

In Our Church.

We are firm believers that the church is not referenced to a structure made of stone or wood; the "church" is the people that make up this community of believers. Our prayer is that you will step foot in our building and find a place you can call home. Any questions? Ask our welcome team in the foyer, and they would be happy to assist you with child care & getting around the facility!

Our Leadership.


Daniel Smelser is the Pastor of Life Challenge Church. Pastor Smelser, his wife, Lora, and their four children, all live in Odessa, TX where Life Challenge was founded in 1967 by his father, the late Rev. Howard Smelser. Pastor Daniel Smelser has spoken across the nation, and is well-known for his methods of outreach & creative Sunday school.

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